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1 Name: Anonymous : Sat, 06 Mar 2021 23:49:17 GMT [Del]

does 2chan have a board for moai?


2 Name: Anonymous : Sun, 07 Mar 2021 05:42:38 GMT [Del]

As far as I can tell it was a board started in 2016, initially dedicated to ancient cultures, mysterious artifacts, and odd/esoteric things from the past

Over time it became more of a random board due to loose moderation, but it still had the other stuff there when I last checked it a few months ago

However, it now appears to be dedicated to screencaps/meta discussion, and has been limited to 2 pages rather than the former 10 - I have no idea why that is!

3 Name: Anonymous : Sun, 07 Mar 2021 06:33:25 GMT [Del]

After reading into it a bit more, apparently these screencap threads started on the Guro ura board in June 2020, then moved to Moai in October

The users in these threads have a problem with a troll (or group of trolls) that's been mass-spamming and shitting up various threads and boards around Futaba using images of characters from Kemono Friends and thinking emojis

Distinctive traits of the troll(s) are that they often mass quote the OP image, post trashy/annoying image edits, their posts are completely offtopic or insulting, and they often target the less populated boards and wipe out all the threads (sounds familiar...)

These screencap generals are dedicated to finding and cataloging his/their posts so everyone can "del" them en masse. The way the del function works on Futaba is kind of like reporting, except it automatically deletes the post once a certain number of del requests have been made. I believe it also exposes a portion of that posters IP, so you can see if it's a notorious troll or not
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