Free Webhosting Project

Inspired by the Free Software Foundation


First and foremost, like the Free Software Foundation, the Kolyma Network believes the internet should be free. Running continuously since 2005, we have never failed to continue delivering the extensive archival network to the users who need it most. The internet should be a free and open place for anyone who wishes to use it for expressing their creations, opinions, and artistic creations.

Coming in december of this year, we will launch the Free Webhosting Project. The sole intent to provide free webhosting to anyone who needs it. No advertising, no fees, no branding. This means that any user can register a serverspace on our network and host their website free of charge. The user will have to pay for such things as the domain, but the webhosting is completely free. A guaranteed 50gb cap, 1gb of Server Memory, and instant access to your server console at any time. 24/7/365.

The Catch?

There is none. We arent a corporation, we arent a government agency. Hell, I dont even know why Im saying "we". Its just 3 people.


8/21/20 - Server restoration in progress. Expected to be finished in December of this year.

6/20/20 - Main Server purchased! Work begins here.

Current Queue

Currently, 2/2 Positions are being used. Check back at a later date for open registration!

DEVELOPERS NOTE: We will add 30 new queue positions in December.

Registration Processing

Currently, due to maintanence and restoration, we are closed. Check back soon!