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currently under a rework

Adressing Technical Errors on SH [Link]
StrawberryHeaven is currently being restructured to fix several bugs. Please hold.

Heyuri & Reunification [Link]
I have wrote about the future of SH, Heyuri, and about re-unification.

Overhaul [Link]
I have completely reworked the front page of KolymaNET, and simplified some of the PHP involved in this blotter script. The entire Kolyma Network site has been re-done, every page. I implore you to come look at it.

  • Team 9channel
  • Team nc9ch
  • Team ZONE-Project
  • Kolma Network Navigator

    - KNN 10.24.20 - Asking Questions

    - KNN 10.20.20 - Dismissing Myths from anti-kuz proponents

    - KNN 10.17.20 - PEACE BETWEEN NATIONS - kuz says he wants reuinification

    - KNN 10.06.20 - 10/06/20 - SH NEWSPOST

    - KNN 10.02.20 - 9chan users from /~kuz/ board create collage for Kuznetsov.

    - KNN 10.01.20 - Founder of Heyuri 'Riley James Bell' re-starting Heyuri

    - KNN 09.29.20 - New: Users on 9ch discussion board find 9chan pages

    - KNN 09.29.20 - New: Heyuri Successor "StrawberryHeaven" launched

    - KNN 09.28.20 - KolymaNET releases some scripts